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Save Delhi University! Save generations of students!

Why the 4-year “Baccalaureate” course
with multiple exit points?

SignPetitionBackgroundFrom July 2013, DU plans to scrap the 3-year BA/BSc courses and start a 4-year course. Students of DU will have to study an extra year to get an honours degree while students in other universities finish in 3 years. WHY? Will they learn more in the extra year? NO! The extra year has been filled up with 11 compulsory “Foundation” courses in English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Commerce, History, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, etc. EVERY student – whether from Arts, Science or Commerce streams – will have to do all the 11 courses, and ALL of them in the first two years! They will therefore be very general school-level courses. For students coming from different streams they will either be very boring or too difficult.

The VC claims that students will have more choices. What is the reality? Existing choices have been scrapped: all streams (Arts, Science, Commerce) have been merged, the choice between B.A. Pass/ B.Sc. General and Honours dropped, options of subjects and optional papers withdrawn, and all 11 “Foundation” courses made compulsory. The only “choice” is to exit after 2 (or 3) years with a low quality degree and low employment prospects. With fees rising, most students will not exit voluntarily but be forced to drop out early.

The 4 year model has been imported from the US; like in the US only those who can afford it will have a chance to complete the 4 years! Unlike the US model it offers no real choices.

Excessive hurry: Chaos in classrooms, timetables, exams

placard9No discussion took place on the merits or demerits of the new structure. Orders were issued on 5.3.2013 to hastily prepare syllabi for the new course structure within just 2 weeks! No additional infrastructure or teachers are being provided. No clarity exists about how many students per class, whether all students will fit in the classrooms or where the classes for the extra year will be held. With exams held twice a year, the exam system is already in a mess. Marks are arbitrarily inflated, marksheets display more marks than the total (102 out of 100 for example!). Is this the way to introduce such major changes? Will it not result in the devaluation of the Delhi University degree?

Extreme Shortage of Teachers

placard8Currently, more than 4000 teaching posts (50%) are lying vacant. Ad hoc teachers or Guest Lecturers who teach in their place often have a job in one semester and are thrown out in the next. They are always worried about getting more regular employment and cannot develop any long-lasting relationship with their students. Talented young people are leaving teaching to look for other jobs. The VC has refused to respond to appeals to first fill the posts before introducing any major changes. How can a completely new course structure be launched with only 50% regular teachers?

Why these “reforms”? What have we got from them so far?

Placard7smallOur struggle against so-called “reforms” started with the hurried imposition of the semester system in UG courses. Semesterization diluted the courses. It left no scope for in-depth study. Teachers and students are always in a rush to finish the syllabus for the exams at the cost of genuine learning. It left no time for sports and other extra-curricular activities. Study material is inadequate, particularly in Hindi. The double load of examinations has led to breakdowns. The fee for revaluation has been hiked. The practice of fictitious roll numbers to protect the identity of the student and the college, has been abolished, leaving room open for favouritism and victimisation. Now the 4-year course is being bulldozed even more hurriedly.

Students come to DU with hopes of a good education that will help them to get a good job. The VC’s “reforms” threaten the quality of education and the hopes of its students. This is part of a larger design – what has happened to public funded school education and medical facilities is now happening to Higher Education. Only when public funded Universities are systematically destroyed can foreign and private universities flourish and fleece the public.

As parents, students and concerned citizens,
support and join our struggle!

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7 comments on “Save Delhi University! Save generations of students!

  1. Dalwinder singh jas
    April 5, 2013

    Against this 4 year programme .Stop this

  2. concerned parent
    April 13, 2013

    such a big change in education policy of a nation should not be made so hurriedly. a nation wide debate is required for this. But DUTA has become a defunct body. it can go on strike against monthly submission of attendance but not against such a move which will put in danger future of coming generations. do something immediately to stop implementation of this new system. meet PM or President or file PILs. I think only SC now can do something in this regard.

    • SAVE DU
      April 13, 2013

      DUTA has been consistently fighting the dictatorial terror regime of the Vice-Chancellor through which he wants to impose this drastic change in DU. Teachers associated with the SAVE DU campaign have been and continue to be proud members of the DUTA. We appeal to all concerned to join the campaign.
      Please sign the Petition to the PM and get others to sign it as well.


      Link also on 4yrdu.com

  3. M Cube
    April 23, 2013

    You should REALLY file a P.I.L. if you have’nt already!
    And also, what is the H.R.D. doing about this, somebody fill me in!
    Oh and good luck for the Public Debate on 25th, wish I could be there.

    It’s actually SO unfair, anyone who wants to study Humanities in Delhi, has no other choice but to attend D.U. There is actually no other Uni. And I for one, definitely don’t want to go all the way to Mumbai or Bangalore or abroad, but now I might just have to reconsider, because I don’t want to waste an entire year studying these so called ‘Foundation Courses’ which are going to be utterly hideous I can tell you that. This unnecessary frustration and helplessness that I’m feeling right now is so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies, or oh yes I would- I’d wish it for this VC, I literally loathe him.
    (P.S. Atleast this post has other comments besides mine phew! K bye)

    • Monal
      May 7, 2013

      I feel you bro! my whole life i’ve dreamed of studying literature in DU .. nd nw they are shitting us with these foundation courses! well hello! i took humanities because i was intrested in studying only that … focusing on tht and makinga career in that!!

  4. Easwar Anand
    May 1, 2013

    This DU shift spoiled my life.I was about to join St.Stephens this year for Honours degree not for an American degree.

  5. M Cube
    May 8, 2013

    Monal and Easwar, I totally get what you’re going through. I want to get into Hindu, and study what the rest of this freaking country is going to study. Keeping us in college for a whole extra year, to study complete and utter bullshit is not going to get us anywhere. My ambition is to be an Indian Foriegn Service Officer. I anyway will have to join some coaching centre to train for the exam, and on top of that, all this ‘compulsory foundation courses’ crap! Wtf?? So unfair…

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